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SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine


SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine


SCR | FAP | DPF cleaning machine – High quality production of automated equipment which cleans diesel particulate filters. Depending of required services the machine is fully computerised. It’s characterised of very easy and simple operative system to use, very clear measurements which produce the most accurate ‘before and after’ DPF/SCR reports. The whole DPF/SCR cleaning process it’s very basic and it could be operated by one qualified person. Functions in our DPF/SCR machines allowing the operator to choose appropriate program to clean all different types of DPF/SCR. All our DPF/SCR machines are professionally equiped, allowing the cleaning process to run smoothly, also it provides the most accurate clean for all range DPF/SCR. Specific and unique design is equiped with filters and separators which simply separates the dirt during the cleaning procedures.

maszyna do czyszczenia filtrów DPF

Innovative solution

Innovative solution – Fireless (non burning) technology, harmless dust, fumes and gas emosion,

DPF cleaning process

Cleaning operation prodecures have 3 types of processes, each process contain a different stage of cleaning depending on the type of DPF/SCR and waste and dirt level. All independent cleaning processes have their own timescale, the cleaning stages could take up to 30, 45 or 60 min.Based on types of the cleaning process, our DPF/SCR machine provides flexible regulations and modifications. Cleaning process (regardless of it’s mode) starts the water heating in the circuit, which accelerates and it is getting rid of waste/dirt.

DPF/SCR machine, fully designed and produced by our company METAL-SERW, has all the required documentation enabling safe work and meets all the criteria in the European Union. Also the CE certificate is attached in the documentation.

The machine includes: touch screen, print reports, double filtration also construction and all elements entirely made of 316 austentic stainless steel (acid proof) allows comfortable, safe and trouble-free operation for many years. LED lighting supports comfortable and satisfying work. Each selected process ends with the drying procedure of the cleaned filter.

SCR | FAP | DPF cleaning machine / catalysts

The catalyst cleaning unit has (depending on the model) all connections which allows the cleaning process on any type of DPF/ SCR catalyst regardless of it’s make and model. Also it handles and supports all types of (pipe, flange attachments, bolts, ect.)

METAL-SERW offers a several different DPF/SCR types of installations. One of the solution is a mobile version where we mount the machine on the vehicle or stationary version. Each version may have various aditional options such as:

  • Compatible scale including the software which montors the weight of the catalyst before and after the cleaning procedures
  • Catalyst contamination level before and after operational procedures
  • Printer provides accurate reports
  • DPF/SCR drying procedures which ends eacg cleaning process
  • Contractors details on the printouts
  • Print reports available along with data of the supplier providing the services as well as sub-contractors


SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine

SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine polish producer

SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine Polish producer



METAL-SERW team designed DPF/SCR machine which allows very quick and effective removal of 99% of catalyst/filter dirt. Restoring the full function of the filter is completed without any damage to it’s internal, sensitive design and structure. The cleaning operations are carried out in a proven and approximately selected way which removes dirt in the closed circuit avoiding dirt and particle ashes in the DPF/SCR filters.



Depending on the degree of soiling and the purpose of the filter, the operation lasts a minimum of 30 minutes. Thanks to such a fast service and very economical drive unit, the benefits and advantages of the machine will refund the purchase price in a very short period. (within the standard working day it allows to clean up to 16 filters)



Machine parameters

  • cabin capacity – 2000x1000x890
  • 300 L tank capacity
  • 400V power supply (4kW | 6.7kW)
  • maximum table load – 360kg
  • Weight 500kg
  • Material – austenitic steel 316


dimensions of the machine 2380 x 1890 x 920


additional advantages | economy


  • Low price and comfortable operation
  • filtering (low price and easily available cartridges, simple replacement of filter cartridges)
  • settling tanks (perfectly designed)
  • operator’s safety
  • simple machine operation
  • modern look
  • very clear and straightforward process – high visibility and simple tracking and control system

  • two versions:
    • MOBILE – mounted on the vehicle, allows to work outside and provide service directly to the customer
  • attractive and affordable price


Our machine cleans any type of catalyst :

  • cars
  • cars and trucks
  • tractors and agricultural machinery
  • different types of construction equipment
  • road and forest machines


Our DPF filter regeneration machine is equipped with all necessary holders and adapters for fixing each type of filter.


METAL – SERW design and produce such a machine in accordance with the individual requirements of the contractor and the most demanding customers and their needs.

Depending on the specific requirements, the product includes: catalog card, CE declaration of conformity, nameplate, operating instructions, warranty, full technical documentation including diagrams and technical drawings.

We highly reccommend our services and if you require more details or have any specific requirements we are happy to provide detailed description that meets individual needs – we guarantee a very short realization time.


price includes:

  • transport within the country
  • first launch and machine activation at the client
  • operator training
  • first review after 2-4 weeks

We provide warranty and post-warranty service .

As a manufacturer, we ensure the availability of all components, components and parts, both mechanical and operational.


Filter cleaning machines DPF

Filter cleaning machines DPF / catalysts



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