Hydraulics and Car Mechanics Department

ul. Grunwaldzka 1c, 74-400 Dębno

Restoring the Components

To ensure satisfaction of our clients we are able to create a new or restore a lost hydraulic component.
We restore the components on the base of a model or technical documentation delivered by the client. The most popular products include:

  • Stuffing boxes for two-way or one-way cylinders
  • one-way or two way cylinder pipes
  • chromium plated piston sets
  • Pistons for hydraulic cylinders
  • washers, bushings, rings
  • piston connections for welding
  • Bottom of the cylinder, with holes, hook, bushing, each with a connection or without it
  • cylinder and piston combs
  • piston hook with a bushing for welding or with an internal threading
  • nipples, valves, stuffing box screws, connections, bushings, pivots
  • trapeze-threaded screws
  • custom products made from bushings, plates or polyamydic rod, out of polyethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene (the latter one is known as Teflon).

and many more.

Reconstruction of components and parts

Our company manufactures and rebuilds damaged components and components in hydraulic systems and drives. Our contractor is able to rebuild damaged parts.

Restoring the Components