Hydraulics and Car Mechanics Department

ul. Grunwaldzka 1c, 74-400 Dębno


Production of hydromechanics

Polish workshop for the production and design of hydraulic drives and the use of hydromechanics in building | manufactured machines and equipment directed to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We use hydrodynamics in components and components of hydraulic systems.

METAL-SERW specializes in the design, selection and application of machines and tools used and used in production lines. The manufacturer of hydraulic propulsion systems guarantees precise execution and perfect application of hydrostatic and hydromechanics in hydraulic circuits.

The manufacturer of hydraulic machines guarantees the precision of production and the reliability of manufactured equipment. Short deadlines for execution of orders and maintaining perfect precision in machine construction and the hydraulic components used in them ensure reliability and reliability over many years.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our professional team of specialists, every project and solution used is preceded by professional calculations and a series of performance tests.

Production of machines in Poland

Build of the machines in METAL-SERW is a combination of reliability, professional solutions with modern technics and modernist electro-hydraulic solutions. Customers using our services have the possibility to combine modern control techniques with proven engineering solutions using hydraulic hydraulics for the work of the machine being built. In our tools we combine hydraulic drives with the capabilities of today’s technology. Control your machine using computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops or standard desktops. Thanks to the developed control technology, the machines can be used to run processes via the internet. METAL-SERW combines modern technology with proven techniques. technologies used in common production machines.

Hydraulic service