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Hydraulic power supply – service

Hydraulic power supply - service

Repair of the hydraulic power supply used in the shipbuilding industry

We recently had the opportunity to conduct an audit, periodic inspection, fault rectification and maintenance of the hydraulic power supply. The shipyard from Darlowo turned out to be the customer. Shipyard Darłowo performing the overhaul of the ship (tug) has commissioned us to repair the hydraulic power steering responsible for the tug.

Extensive hydraulic power supply from the USSR has been tested to evaluate all components and parts. After the hydraulic system was diagnosed, we began modifying some aspects, removing worn parts and repairing defective parts.

We greatly appreciate working with shipyards because of the fact that they care and follow all the guidelines set by machine manufacturers. The technical documentation, including drawings and sketches of the whole system, is very helpful in such cases. One thing that can not be picked up by companies engaged in ship regeneration is “papierologi” 🙂

Szczecin Shipyard | Darlowo | Swinoujscie | Kolobrzeg and others are frequent contractors for the work of plumbing in ships

Our company has been working on hydraulic power supplies for more than 36 years. Service | regeneration | repair of hydraulic power supplies This is for us everyday bread. What we do with hydraulic units:

  • hydraulic system audit

  • Damage diagnosis in hydraulic power supplies

  • Modifications of hydraulic power supplies

  • design of hydraulic power supplies

  • Hydraulic Power Supply Periodic Inspection

  • repair when the hydraulic power supply has failed or damaged

  • Replacement Parts

  • repair of components mounted in the hydraulic power supply

Here are some photos:

repair of hydraulic power supply


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