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Hydraulic Motors Repair

Repair of the hydraulic motors

Hydraulic Motors Repair – our factory has been repaired for over 35 years with hydraulic, toothed and piston engines. We are able to repair any kind of hydraulic motors in various types of machines and equipment. All hydraulic repairs are covered by warranty. Suitable for this plant as well as crew experience guarantee the service to the highest level and satisfactory contractors time of realization. Hydraulic motors that reach the customer are tested and tested on a specialized equipment. After passing the tests it is only given to the customer.

Hydraulic Motors Repair

Types of low-speed / high-speed motors we repair:

High-speed hydraulic motors
Low-speed orbital gear motors (orbital and satellite)
low speed rotary vane motors
low speed piston hydraulic motors (axial and radial)

High-speed rotary and low speed rotary hydraulic motors are characterized by high operating pressures, high rotational speed, easy start-up and high efficiency. We pay attention to these properties during the tests. The repaired hydraulic motor is returned to the customer only when the above conditions are met.

Hydraulic Motors Repair

Our company also deals with the design of hydraulic systems and the selection of hydraulic engines existing in them. Not all have the ability to choose the right engine for the engine to be built or to replace the engine in the existing system. Therefore, this is a popular service among companies dealing with eg automation of enterprises or construction of machinery and equipment using hydraulic drive. A hydraulic motor like a pump immediately after the pump is the most important element in the system, which is responsible for its proper operation. Therefore, we have to follow the well-known principle of his selection. We invite you to cooperate.


Our company specializes in hydromotor regeneration used in machines of both Polish and foreign manufacturers. Defective from damaged rotary motors is a service that occurs in our offer from the very beginning, ie 1981.

Repair of hydraulic motors