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Hydraulic Gluing Presses

Hydraulic gluing presses

hydraulic Gluing presses – thanks to our experience in machine construction we are able to build presses according to the needs of the ordering party. The offer ranges from the simplest solutions to the unique loading and balancing systems.

The machine under construction is a guarantee of versatility and “flexibility” of the construction. The possibility of gluing both short elements used in window frames as long as structural elements. The individual parameters of the machine allow the orderer to glue different thickness and height of the components.

Carpenters struggling with the lack of space have a choice of several modules, thanks to which they are able to manage the room appropriately for their company.

Frame construction can be made of closed profiles, I-sections, channels or angles well welded together – forming a massive steel structure, the foundation for the mounted hydraulics.

Producer of the hydraulic gluing presses for wood

The array of control options as well as the construction of the table itself is huge. We build the press according to the requirements and needs of the customer.


We are a Polish manufacturer – not using components of Chinese origin. All hydraulic hydraulics, frame and even connections and hydraulic lines are manufactured by us. This makes it easy for us to get the highest possible performance. Providing reliability and ease of operation. Training, warranty and post-warranty service


sound signaling and lighting …… are just some of the advantages of working with us

hydraulic Gluing presses

Hydraulic press controls

The pressure measurement during gluing can be adjusted. Depending on the type of material and the method of gluing, it is possible to adjust the pressure.

Press control

It can be done by:

  • MANUFACTURERS (one section or multiple section)
    COMPUTER (distributors, valves and coils controlled electronically)
  • TOUCH DISPLAY (splitters, valves, coils, piston position controlled by the interface)

Hydraulic Gluing Presses