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Hydraulic Cylinders Production

Hydraulic cylinders production

Hydraulic cylinders production – we are able to manufacture custom-tailored hydraulic cylinders.
Custom tailoring of the seals and connection, fitting the bearings along with the greasing system and individually tailored parameters of the cylinder, the piston and the piston head and the range of movement – all that ensures our client is satisfied.

  • We manufacture one-way hydraulic cylinders
  • We produce two-way hydraulic cylinders
  • We manufacture telescopic hydraulic cylinders
  • We produce support hydraulic cylinders
  • We manufacture plunger hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders production

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create cylinder cylinders (outside) from 20 mm to 450 mm and stroke lengths up to about 4000 mm.

Every cylinder produced before leaving the workshop is tested. We provide a warranty for the actuators. Highest product quality! Each order is accompanied by a data sheet and technical drawings. We are a company with huge experience, manufacturing hydraulic cylinders we have been dealing since 1981. The experience gained over 35 years of operation in the field of hydraulics manufacturing has resulted in the highest quality of the product and the satisfaction of the contractors.

Produce of the hydraulic cylinders

The materials used by our company for the production of cylinders are of the highest quality certified by the company. Our products built on cylinders with internal diameter tolerances. (H8) according to ISO and straightness tolerance 1/1000 guarantee long-term use.

Piston rods with chrome coating CK45, 20MnV6 or CK45 induction hardened depending on the purpose of the ordered cylinders.

For sealing the actuator we use sealing sets only branded companies (produced in the EU and USA). We realize individual orders for individual pieces as well as serial orders. Please contact us.


We also manufacture cylinders with the piston position sensors.

Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

Our company specializes in the production of new actuators compatible with the parameters of all known manufacturers. We are able to produce a replacement for all expensive branded actuators on the market.

Hydraulic Cylinders Production