Hydraulics and Car Mechanics Department

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6 October, 2017

Repair of the hydromechanics METAL-SERW is a regeneration | repair of the hydromechanics parts and elements. The company deals with repairs of hydraulic drive components in machines and devices used in various types of production and industry. Hydraulics repaired by our company are efficient and reliable services to eliminate the causes and consequences of the accident. METAL-SERW company, which has been operating on the Polish market since 1981 (the year of its foundation), has implemented thousands of successful comprehensive repairs. Customers who use repair services in our company are convinced and taught the exemplary services provided by our company. Experienced...

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Distributors Repair

6 October, 2017

Repair of distributors repair of distributors – Regeneration, service and repair of hydraulic distributors used in machines and devices using hydraulic drive. We repair all basic and less popular models of hydraulic distributors. We specialize in repairs of distributors used in: Cranes HDS, cranes, excavators, road machines, backhoe loaders, agricultural machinery heavy equipments in the means of transport in forklifts and all kinds of construction machines. Repair of hydraulic distributors We repair manually controlled splitters, but also electrically and manually operated splitters. By providing our customers with the highest quality service we are able to regenerate the hydraulic distributors of...

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Hydraulic Pumps Repair

4 October, 2017 Hydraulic Pump Repair Station

We have been repairing and regenerating hydraulic pumps for construction, forest and agricultural devices....

Drivetrain Repairs

4 October, 2017 Drivetrain Repair

Professional service, repair and refurbishment of drivetrain...

Gearboxes Repair

4 October, 2017 Gearboxes Repair

Professional service, repair and refurbishment of gearboxes...