Hydraulics and Car Mechanics Department

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Categories for Production

SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine

17 October, 2018 dpf-cleaning-machines

SCR | FAP | DPF Cleaning Machine SCR | FAP | DPF CLEANING MACHINE | CATALYSTS SCR | FAP | DPF cleaning machine – High quality production of automated equipment which cleans diesel particulate filters. Depending of required services the machine is fully computerised. It’s characterised of very easy and simple operative system to use, very clear measurements which produce the most accurate ‘before and after’ DPF/SCR reports. The whole DPF/SCR cleaning process it’s very basic and it could be operated by one qualified person. Functions in our DPF/SCR machines allowing the operator to choose appropriate program to clean all...

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Hydraulic Gluing Presses

6 October, 2017

Hydraulic gluing presses hydraulic Gluing presses – thanks to our experience in machine construction we are able to build presses according to the needs of the ordering party. The offer ranges from the simplest solutions to the unique loading and balancing systems. The machine under construction is a guarantee of versatility and “flexibility” of the construction. The possibility of gluing both short elements used in window frames as long as structural elements. The individual parameters of the machine allow the orderer to glue different thickness and height of the components. Carpenters struggling with the lack of space have a choice...

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6 October, 2017

Production of hydromechanics Polish workshop for the production and design of hydraulic drives and the use of hydromechanics in building | manufactured machines and equipment directed to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We use hydrodynamics in components and components of hydraulic systems. METAL-SERW specializes in the design, selection and application of machines and tools used and used in production lines. The manufacturer of hydraulic propulsion systems guarantees precise execution and perfect application of hydrostatic and hydromechanics in hydraulic circuits. The manufacturer of hydraulic machines guarantees the precision of production and the reliability of manufactured equipment. Short deadlines for execution of...

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Workshop Hydraulic Presses

4 October, 2017 Workshop Hydraulic Presses

We produce high class workshop hydraulic presses with manual and electronic control systems...

Crimping of hydraulic hoses

4 October, 2017 Crimping of hydraulic hoses

We carry out crimping of the single braid, double braid and quadruple braid hydraulic hoses...