Hydraulics and Car Mechanics Department

ul. Grunwaldzka 1c, 74-400 Dębno

Service and repair Case

Additionally we also provide repair services within the following scope:

  • general renovation
  • regeneration of the components: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic distributors, oil pumps – cog and piston pumps, drive engines, hydraulic valves, gearboxes, turning mechanisms, torque changers, drivetrains, compressors
  • change of the hydraulic system lines
  • fixing loose holes via means of bushing and remachining them or changing pins and pivots

CASE – LRZ 95; LRZ 100; LRZ 120; LRZ 130; LRZ 150; JX; JXU; FARMALLA

We have been specializing in Hydraulics since 1981. We carry out main repairs of excavators, loader-excavators, loaders, cranes, gripping trucks, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, aerial platforms, telescopic lifts, hydraulic jacks, trailers, semitrailers, hydraulic power stations.

Repair of construction machinery Case

Repair of construction machinery Case

Machinery repair Case Lubuskie | West Pomeranian

Servicing and regeneration of CASE machines and equipment. We offer repairs of all types of construction and agricultural machinery to restore full power hydraulics and mechanical parts, including mini excavators, loaders, etc. in CASE machines. The regeneration and repair plant based in Dębno has been in operation for over 36 years, and the services are provided by qualified and experienced personnel. All work is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Repair of machines Case Western Pomerania