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Atlas excavator repair for customer from Stargar Szczeciński

Atlas excavator repair
Power hydraulics Atlas excavator new year, new requests and orders …

The customer asked us to quote the repair of the hydraulics in his wheel excavator Atlas. After a short conversation with our manager (working in the hydraulics industry for 36 years) the conversation explained that apart from the known – mechanical damage to the cylinder. No need to bring the machine to our workshop machine. The excavator job is causing the customer’s dissatisfaction and concerns about a serious problem. A customer worried about the cost of transporting the entire machine was asked to dismantle the hydraulic pump and the main valve protecting the manifold. Informed that the hydraulic components are most likely to be responsible for undesired work, and when they are delivered to our site, we will be able to diagnose and verify any possible damage.

After the checkups we found that we were right. The hydraulic valve was reconditioned and restored to full efficiency. After sending the repaired hydraulic components to the customer, they can be re-mounted to the excavator. The customer was extremely satisfied with our service, because our experience saved us money to find the cause of the fault, and most importantly, the transport of the construction machine.

As for the cylinder, it is a standard removal of faults in such cases of damage. Our activities consisted of:

  • verification of damage (diagnosis of chromed tube status, fixings, etc.)

  • replacement of damaged chrome plated piston rod for new one

  • recovery of the swing bearing and use of it for a new piston rod (to reduce repair costs)

  • gland regeneration (suffered minor damage due to inadequate operation of the Atlas excavator operator)

  • replacement of seals and guides in the actuator (seals on the piston and glands)

  • Control tests (pressure-efficiency tests)

  • painting (standard beauty treatments in the color of the machine)

Again our professionalism has caused a smile on the face of the next owner of the construction machine.

More about the site and ATLAS construction machinery you can find on our site under the service tab

Atlas construction machinery services include:

  • machine diagnosis

  • verification of component failures

  • periodic reviews

  • maintenance

  • liquid exchange

  • replacement of hydraulic hoses

  • removing defects from damaged parts [mechanical and hydraulic]

  • until complete reconstruction of total damage caused by fire or accident


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