Manufacturing of hydraulic power packs

METAL-SERW produces components that are later assembled into a full hydraulic power packs. Reliable technology and quality of the product we guarantee are based on detailed and complex method of tests and quality control.

Thanks to our experience, achieving high technical parameters in our hydraulic power packs always meets the requirements of our customers.

Thanks to well established technical infrastructure and thanks to our potential, our product might be based on electric and petrol drives. Our hydraulic power packs stations might be controlled manually or electronically.

Our orders are realized in a complex way, by creating new hydraulic systems. We also use the documentation provided by our clients. The delivered data or existing systems allow us to provide perfect solutions.

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We have been specializing in Hydraulics since 1981. We carry out main repairs of excavators, loader-excavators, loaders, cranes, gripping trucks, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, aerial platforms, telescopic lifts, hydraulic jacks, trailers, semitrailers, hydraulic power stations.