Hydraulic Cylinders Repair:

We repair every type of hydraulic cylinders, including those used in a variety of machines - cranes, loaders, excavators, trailers, mini excavators, hydraulic jacks, presses etc.

We carry out hydraulic cylinder repairs ranging from simple gasket replacement to a complex refurbishment and painting.

Complex regeneration of cylinders

The repair process might, depending on the damage, include:

  • gasket replacement (piston, cylinder, stuffing box)
  • replacement of the scratched or damaged piston head
  • replacement or repair of the pistons
  • replacement or repair of the stuffing boxes
  • repair of the broken connections, hangers, bearings, cylinder mounts etc.
  • replacement or repair of the cylinder
  • repair of the greasing system
We carry out repairs of a variety of hydraulic pistons:
  • one-way hydraulic cylinders repair
  • two-way hydraulic cylinders repair
  • telescopic hydraulic cylinders repair
  • support hydraulic cylinders repair
  • plunger hydraulic cylinders repair
NOTE We repair the cylinders and the piston position sensor systems.

We refurbish the cylinders coming from all manufacturers. Thanks to us, repair is a better solution than replacement, especially if carried out with cheap replacement parts, which are used to replace a very expensive original cylinder.

The cylinders are refurbished according to strict precision standards. They undergo a meticulous control and testing processes, including pressurization test. This makes them work for a long time.

Our experience allows us to guarantee that our repair will be successful. This is just another feature that marks our professional attitude and makes our clients highly satisfied.


We have been specializing in Hydraulics since 1981. We carry out main repairs of excavators, loader-excavators, loaders, cranes, gripping trucks, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, aerial platforms, telescopic lifts, hydraulic jacks, trailers, semitrailers, hydraulic power stations.