Service and repair Bosch

Bosch Additionally we also provide repair services within the following scope:

  • general renovation
  • regeneration of the components: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic distributors, oil pumps - cog and piston pumps, drive engines, hydraulic valves, gearboxes, turning mechanisms, torque changers, drivetrains, compressors
  • change of the hydraulic system lines
  • fixing loose holes via means of bushing and remachining them or changing pins and pivots
BOSCH Rexroth - Pumps, distributors, valves, hydraulic cylinders - A2FO; A4FO; A10FZO/G; A-VRFC3C-VEI-VS; A-VRFC3-VEI-VS-2E; A-VRFC2C-VEI-VS-LS; CD/CG 250/251/350; CD/CG H1/2/3 series 1X/2X; CSM1; CSH3; CSH2; CSH1; CG; CGT; CGT1; CDW160; H160CA; 204; CD/CG160; CDT/CGT3; CST3; HVBS; HVBD; MECMAN 204;
We have been specializing in Hydraulics since 1981. We carry out main repairs of excavators, loader-excavators, loaders, cranes, gripping trucks, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, aerial platforms, telescopic lifts, hydraulic jacks, trailers, semitrailers, hydraulic power stations.